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Our IP Transit network provides your business with global connectivity and maximum availability. We have planned to work with multiple domestic and international Tier 1 providers to develop a premium carrier grade IP Transit solution.

Our network has been built to provide you with the shortest possible path to your most visited Internet destinations, providing you with fast and resilient access 24/7. Each upstream provider is capable of handling 100% of our traffic in each POP (N +1 provisioning), ensuring that we have more than enough capacity for any customer’s requirements.

We have direct access to a worldwide network engineering team for pro-active management which provides you with faster fault response times and greater control over our traffic.

Service Options:

Premium IP Transit – High-availability and low-latency transit offered with fixed or burstable bandwidth options and a flexible pricing model that allows you to make the most of your bandwidth

Country-Specific Route – Provides the shortest paths and lowest latency routes to and from a specific country or region with guaranteed performance.

Peer with IX & CDN – Peering with IX & CDN to increase the performance of service.





  • BGP Routing
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
  • Access to Tier 1 domestic and international IP networks
  • A large number of direct peering relationships
  • Shortest possible path to top traffic destinations
  • On-net Akamai and other content distribution networks
  • Fast support and greater control over network traffic
  • Designed for superior performance and high throughput
  • Above industry standard SLAs
  • Scalable - solutions for 1Gbps through to 100Gbps
  • Robust high-speed backbone